Rocky's Football Corner, 10.24.2007

(Which team will show up in Denver this week? The Broncos who took advantage of the Steelers last week, or that embarrassing bunch who were slaughtered by the Chargers a few weeks back? And why would the NFL schedule the Dolphins on the bill for the game in London? How are the Dolphins able to represent truly professional level football after the Patriots dismantled them last week? Can the Dolphins win even one game after losing their starting quarterback and starting running back in subsequent weeks? Finally, do we have to talk about Michael Vick, even if his case is back in the news? And why don't we have a regular column yet this season at the halfway point? Well, the winning percentage is slipping, but still fairly strong, so we'll let the predictions do the talking.)

by Rick Rockwell

Week 8 Office Pool Predictions

Game of the Week: Packers at Broncos (Broncos)
Upset Special: Bills at Jets (Bills)
Steelers at Bengals (Steelers)
Colts at Panthers (Colts)
Lions at Bears (Bears)
Browns at Rams (Browns)
Jaguars at Buccaneers (Bucs)
Texans at Chargers (Chargers)
Eagles at Vikings (Eagles)
Saints at 49ers (Saints)
Washington at Patriots (Patriots)
Raiders at Titans (Titans)
Giants vs. Dolphins in London (Giants)

Last Week: .643
This Season: .699

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liberal journal man said...

Damn, Rick. We don't disagree on a signle game this week.

I'm not too confident about a few, though. The Bills, Eagles, Bucs, Bears, and even the Rams seem like they could just as easily go the other way.

Rick Rockwell said...

Thanks LJM...

I do hope you are on the nose this week too, for obvious reasons. Yes, that Eagles game is a tough one to call. They don't seem to have any heart this year and basically collapsed to let the Bears win last week. Of course, those inter-conference battles (Bears-Lions and Jets-Bills) are always tough to call with teams that are closely matched.

I can't really complain though. I'm picking at a rate more than 110 percentage points higher than last season.

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