Rocky's Football Corner, 10.17.2007

(Isn't the Kevin Everett story a great example of determination? In case you missed it, Everett, a tight end for the Bills, took his first steps using a walker this week, after sustaining a spinal cord injury early in the season. Speaking of inspirational, isn't Vinny Testaverde a bit of a miracle too? Who would have thought the 43-year-old quarterback could step out of retirement, win a game, and maybe take over the Panthers' starting spot? Could there be more good news? After more than two years, could Priest Holmes really be headed back to active duty as a running back for the Chiefs? And how is it Michael Vick broke his streak and stayed out of the news this week? Is his bad run finally over? With all these questions and topics, still the column stays generally silent. Don't mess with success. But do check the predictions below.)

by Rick Rockwell

Week 7 Office Pool Predictions

Game of the Week: Cardinals at Washington (Washington)
Upset Special: Chiefs at Raiders (Chiefs)
Steelers at Broncos (Steelers)
Colts at Jaguars (Colts)
Titans at Texans (Texans)
Jets at Bengals (Bengals)
Rams at Seahawks (Seahawks)
Buccaneers at Lions (Buccaneers)
Bears at Eagles (Eagles)
Ravens at Bills (Ravens)
Falcons at Saints (Saints)
Vikings at Cowboys (Cowboys)
49ers at Giants (Giants)
Patriots at Dolphins (Patriots)

Last Week: .615
This Season: .708

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tag said...


Scotus said...

Unless Holmes can get himself cut or traded in the off-season, I suspect his comeback will be short and not so sweet. On a team hurting for a running back, like the Texans or the Packers, he might have a shot. But as long as Larry Johnson is around, the Chiefs are a dead end for him.

And call me crazy, but I have a funny feeling about the Pats/Dolphins game.

Rick Rockwell said...


I'm just surprised Holmes is trying to come back at all. And maybe backing up Johnson is the best strategy. But you are right, it will likely not be a sweet comeback. The Chiefs, at any rate, seem serious about getting Holmes back to some degree though. Why else would they trade back-up Michael Bennett to the Buccaneers this week, if not to make roster space for Holmes?

As for those Dolphins, several folks this week have spoken to me about that possible upset. Yes, the Patriots have problems with the Dolphins and usually when they are cruising like this. I’m sticking with the usually sure Pats though.

>>>Also, thanks to tag for tagging us. Amazing that we get readers of this prediction column as far away as Saudi Arabia.

liberal journal man said...

Scotus, youre crazy.

Rick, we only disagree on 2 games this week. I'm feeling the Jags...

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