A Year in the Blog

A year has past since this blog's first posting. Oh, what we have learned and how we have matured during that time! Thanks to the roomful of readers who have been with us for the entire ride and of course to the thousands who have read a post here or there.

Although there is some constancy, changes abound since that first post. Today, the writing is more assured and direct. Also the blog, in a way, has charted not just the interesting new bands and creativity of the current rock music scene, but it also has provided a journal of sorts for the re-education of older rockers. Music has provided the foundation of this blog and it remains so today. A natural outgrowth of this musical foundation was the addition of a podcast eight months ago: somewhere to play tunes and discuss them in a different way than on a blog. The podcast remains a special wing of the blog, but it has acquired a significant number of listeners who never visit the blog.

However, iVoryTowerz is more than just a podcast and a blog about music.

Although originally, not political in nature, as time went on many on the writing staff felt the urge to post commentaries. We live in tumultuous political times, so this is natural for a group of opinionated writers. The result is a blog that discusses politics almost as much as music and the blog now has regular readers in both branches of Congress.

The writing staff has evolved over time too. The fourth generation of the staff is coalescing this fall, although 83 percent of the writers are still from the original group who started the venture as a classroom project in 2006.

The real definition of this blog is that it is what’s on the mind of the writing staff. So beyond politics and music, you’ll also find commentaries here about television, radio, the internet, sports, culture and society. That may be too broad for what experts say is successful, but it suits us just fine.

Now, it’s time to blow out the candle and start working on year two.

For some of the best pieces of the past year from the current staff, please see these:

(Photo by dantada of Kanto, Japan via morgueFile.)

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