Rocky's Football Corner, 9.26.2007

(Michael Vick makes several more sad returns to the legal section of the news. Vick and Donovan McNabb – both with his statements to HBO and his statement game – have raised the issue of race and how black quarterbacks are treated in the National Football League. And speaking of quarterbacks, the Bears bench Rex Grossman. And still, the column stays silent. Why? Well, the truly unscientific reason: that superstition has something to do with it, of course. Just check the winning percentages and you'll see there's just cause.)

by Rick Rockwell

Week 4 Office Pool Predictions

Game of the Week: Seahawks at 49ers (Seahawks)
Upset Special: Eagles at Giants (Giants)
Raiders at Dolphins (Raiders)
Bears at Lions (Bears)
Buccaneers at Panthers (Panthers)
Jets at Bills (Jets)
Patriots at Bengals (Patriots)
Ravens at Browns (Ravens)
Broncos at Colts (Colts)
Texans at Falcons (Texans)
Chiefs at Chargers (Chargers)
Rams at Cowboys (Cowboys)
Steelers at Cardinals (Steelers)
Packers at Vikings (Packers)

Last Week: .813
This Season: .729

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Daniel said...

You're three games up on me after three weeks, and this go-round we split on only three: I took the Eagles, you took the Giants; I took the Lions, you took the Bears; I took the Cards, you took the Steelers.

The depressing thing: I just figured out that I'm only one game above where I'd be if I'd just waited, looked at the line, and bet all the favorites.

Good luck this week.

Rick Rockwell said...

Oh, but where would the fun be, Dan, if we just waited for the late favorites and posted that?

Besides, how could anyone use either of our columns to help them with their office pools if we didn't post early enough?

I have had a string of good luck... But if I recall, you were picking at or near a .700 clip for much of last season. A three game lead on you is nothing. You are the Tom Brady of football predictions.

That Eagles/Giants game could go either way, but I think the Giants finally realized the season had started in the second half of the game here in DC last week.

Good luck in your picks too.

Daniel said...

Did you ever think you'd be happy with 7-7? All I know is, I was perversely satisfied with 6-8 this week. My "Just Guessing" category continues to be worse than just guessing. This week it went 0-5.

Congrats on another good week, dude.

Rick Rockwell said...

I was breathing a big sigh of relief as the Patriots were dismantling the Bengals. This was a rough week. As usual, the NFL has surprises in store for us.

I'm guessing I'm not getting one of those 13-3 weeks again for the rest of the season. But that doesn't mean I won't try.

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