Rocky's Football Corner, 9.19.2007

(The National Football League is ripe with stories this week. Will the league do the right thing and change the disability process for retired players? Who knew the New England Patriots were at least as good as the CIA or were borrowing their techniques? And does every new twitch in the body of Bills tight end Kevin Everett prove there are still miracles? But alas, again no column this week. Why fix what isn't broken? Last week proved to be a good week for predictions without excessive jabbering, so we will not mess with luck while on a roll. )

by Rick Rockwell

Week 3 Office Pool Predictions

Game of the Week: Jaguars at Broncos (Jaguars)
Upset Special: Giants at Washington (Giants)
Chargers at Packers (Chargers)
Rams at Buccaneers (Bucs)
Titans at Saints (Titans)
Cowboys at Bears (Cowboys)
Dolphins at Jets (Jets)
Colts at Texans (Colts)
Lions at Eagles (Eagles)
Vikings at Chiefs (Chiefs)
Browns at Raiders (Browns)
Bengals at Seahawks (Bengals)
49ers at Steelers (Steelers)
Cardinals at Ravens (Ravens)
Panthers at Falcons (Panthers)
Bills at Patriots (Patriots)

Last Week: .625
This Season: .719
Last Season: .588

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Daniel said...

We disagreed on four games this week, but all four (Cowboys, Eagles, Browns, Bengals) fell into my "Just Guessing" category, which means I honestly could have gone the other way just about as easily.

I was heartened to see that you and I both picked a couple of the same upsets: the Giants and the Titans.

Rick Rockwell said...


The odds favor you. Las Vegas likes the Bears, Raiders, and Seahawks. When I saw the line today, I thought maybe I called too many upsets. We'll see though. There's plenty of good fare on tap and likely some very close games coming on Sunday and Monday.

Thanks for stopping around and commenting.

Daniel said...

i was very happy with the way this week went for me, but you're on fire. 13-3 for two consecutive weeks.

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