Robin's Adventures at Burning Man, Part I

(Editor's Note: The Burning Man Festival concluded earlier this month. However, this blog has gained exclusive access to an insightful journal from the event, and over the next few weeks the journal will be serialized here.)

by Robin Forman
Special to iVoryTowerz


When I graduated from college this year a lot of people asked me what I was going to do.

I answered simply: “Drugs.”

One thing led to another, and after a rockin’ good time of a summer I wound up concluding what was probably the last summer vacation of my life with the end all, be all of parties: Burning Man. It wasn’t just a party, to tell you the truth. It was the best investment I ever made and the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.

I can’t really tell you what Burning Man is. Although, I can tell you what Burning Man was and is to me.

This is the 50 cent tour of my adventure to Burning Man:

About 10 days before I left I had agreed to go to the event on a painted 1967 Dodge school bus.

About 2 ½ months before that I had drunkenly purchased a ticket at 3:00 A.M that cost me close to $300 and would land me in the desert living in a tent.

By Day One of the event I had arrived in the desert, ridden on a car remodeled to be a metal dance floor lit with blue lights, walked a tightrope with a girl in lingerie and witnessed arson.

By Day Two I was still awake, having never gone to sleep on Day One, and I was getting ready for my hula hoop dance class.

A week later, at the end of the event, I crawled out of some odd combination of: Halloween; a Salvador Dali painting; the entire works of both Tolkien and Dr. Seus; not to mention a hefty dollop of Lord of the Flies. What I discovered was that I had become a completely morphed and better version of myself.

That’s the 50 cent tour. I highly recommend you go for the whole hundred dollars and read on.

(Please click here to read Part II.)

(Photo courtesy of Robin Forman. To see an R-rated video of the Burning Man Festival from 2003, please check below.)

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