Dept. of Media Bull: The Pickup Artist & The Mystery Method

by Nicole Sorgini
Special to iVoryTowerz

The Mystery Method: How to get a Beautiful Woman in Bed: It’s been equated to the Holy Scripture – a new age bible for a new era of hopeless men. The latest fad in the world of gimmicks is supposed to allow every man to get any woman he wants. It is so popular that it even has been made into a VH1 reality show; which unfortunately in today’s world means it has reached the pinnacle of success.

The creator and author of the newest advancement in the art of pick-up calls himself "Mystery." (His real name is Erik von Markovik.) Previously a stage magician, Mystery has made a career for himself as the “Master” pick-up artist. For the men who cannot shell out a thousand bucks or more for his workshops, von Markovik doles out advice from his book to the contestants of the VH1 show The Pick-up Artist. Let’s be frank, anyone with an idea and aptitude for marketing can write a book and charge hefty fees for his/her product; while at the same time anyone naive enough will fall for it.

Admitting that the book is “first and foremost about getting laid,” von Markovik sets the trap for ill-favored men. Attraction is reduced to a game with levels – “Bait, Hook, Reel, Release” – where women are referred to as “targets.” Von Markovik attempts to refine this tacky system by comparing the game to a “science.” He throws out terms like “kino” (elevated touch contact), “IODs” (indicators of disinterest), and IOIs (indicators of interest). By being forced into awkward situations, men supposedly become more confident, learning ways to start conversations with women and then seduce them.

However, this newfound confidence does not come without a price. Theoretically, men are supposed to be transformed, yet when hitting on women they are trying to make it merely appear they are of a certain worth or high value. If the woman is not interested, von Markovik provides techniques to lower the woman’s confidence: telling her she blinks often or asking, “Is that a hair piece?” Von Markovik tells his protégés to, “grab the hoop from her and get her to jump through it,” as if she needs to work to be with you. These smooth openings and one-liners can be used in any situation because, as von Markovik says in his book, “whatever answer [the women] give is irrelevant.”

Confidence building is a wonderful idea to promote. But not at the sake of destroying someone else's confidence. The connections created are built on insecurity, and the true sense of the man is lost in clever lines. Von Markovik gives no techniques on how to make meaningful relationships, his belief that significant connections can be made within seven hours is only conducive to the one true aim of his book: getting laid.

One would hope that in a country with rising divorce rates we would concentrate on building meaningful relationships where people matter. Sex does not equal love. No woman wants to be played by someone who thinks these techniques are the key to the universe. You’re no rock star moving from girl to girl hoping to be Casanova, you’re simply a wanna-be playboy in a world where women don‘t want to deal with your bullshit. The book and show make getting a woman a game; no scientific mumbo-jumbo or bogus spiritual enlightenment can change that.

Beware of magicians peddling advice, after all they are masters of illusion.

(The photo is from The Pickup Artist on VH-1. To see a promo for the VH-1 series, please check below.)

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Caitlin Servilio said...

As an avid watcher of the show, I've witnessed the behavior of the "targets" (the women) on the show, and frankly, if they can be suckered in by the lame behavior and mind games of the men, I think the two deserve each other. The women they hit on in the clubs are usually drunk and ridiculous. That's not how you behave if you want to build a "meaningful relationship," it's how you behave if you're looking to get laid. What makes the show so funny is that the Mystery Method really DOES work on them--so I think it's unfair to play the "poor women" card. If these unattractive, socially awkward men can get women this way, I say more power to them--think of it as payback for a lifetime of attractive women snubbing and mocking their more polite, more timid come-ons.

Saleem Siddiqui said...

See Saleem Siddiqui, a communications trainer and consultant play a modern day pick up artist on stage.
Poetic License a play by Carl Williams, directed by Judy Reeves in Houston Texas.


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