Inside Those Sedate Cubicles, Anarchy

For the new readers, and there are a few dropping around in the past week or so, you may or may not realize this blog has carved out a niche as the music center for bored workers in the bureaucracy.

This past month was no exception. Readers took to Jeff Siegel’s series on punk rock in a big way. So readers were rockin’ to the video clips while reading the series at the National Academy of Sciences and the Library of Congress. The serious know where to come to rock out.

Not that the serious are the only ones secretly rockin’ out in their cubicles. The intelligentsia and the media stop here too. Perhaps that’s why folks at The San Antonio Express were reading Jeff’s other series this month on wine. And what about folks at The Washington Post taking up Molly Kenney’s latest about her new obsession with craigslist? And of course, it usually comes back to music, even for our readers in the newsrooms: for instance, The Chicago Tribune was checking out Stephen Tringali’s review of the new release from Spoon.

Some of our friendly readers were also looking for a chuckle. Perhaps that explains why workers for Maricopa County in Arizona were gleefully reading "Osama Owes Me a Fifth of Rum," along with cubicle denizens in D.C. at the Department of Interior. (But were those folks at Interior also chuckling when they were reading Laura Snedeker’s commentary about the resignation of Alberto Gonzalez?) The search for comedy may also explain why readers at the Army Information Systems Command, in Aberdeen, MD were reading Molly’s review of The Simpsons Movie or why folks at the Inter-American Development Bank wanted to see what Caitlin Servilio had to say about the TV series Who Wants to be a Superhero.

Finally, it really does come back to music. The seemingly staid and reserved folks at the World Bank probably don’t know some of them still check out one of this blog’s most popular postings, the review of the Live Earth concerts. Which raises the question: are they reading that for the music or to gauge the future success or failure of Al Gore?

(Cubicle photo by milesgehm of San Jose, CA via Flickr, using a Creative Commons license.)

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