Gone Fishin'

For many who work on this blog, these are the last few days of summer before school begins anew.

Others who have no connection to schools are off on vacation or exotic assignments. While yet others are recovering from vacations just completed.

We are at the sunset of the summer.

So as we try to relax and enjoy those last few glimmering rays, the blog will be on hiatus until early next week. Why not take our example and get out and enjoy yourself?

But for those diehards who must have something to consume, why not a sampling of some of this blog's summer fare? If you must, try these posts:

Until next week: we are kickin' back and takin' life easier than it usually comes.

(Photo of a fisherman on Stradbroke Island, Australia by mur308 of London via morgueFile.)

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mur said...

Hi guys.
This is really wierd. That is me(mur38, my partner took the pic) at Stradbroke Island,Australia easter 2006, and you posted it on August, 24 2007, my birthday!

Rick Rockwell said...

Happy belated birthday! Thanks for the great picture. Glad you ran across this!

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