Pull up a Chair at the iVoryTowerz Diner

Every month more and more is revealed about those who enjoy this humble blog.

And so this month the realization is that those who enjoy this blog are not stuffy academics spending too many hours inside library stacks, but instead policy wonks who enjoy a good diner with a jukebox. At least that’s the analysis after watching some of the traffic flows of internet use in these parts.

Okay, first to the policy wonks. We have all types here. Even international policy wonks this month, tuning us in from the U.N. in New York and the UNESCO offices in France, along with the World Bank and the State Department in D.C. Let’s not forget those down at Ft. Mitchell in Kentucky either. All of these folks have been following the various posts on Venezuela, especially "The Closing of Venezuela's RCTV & Leftist Orthodoxy" and "Unplugging RCTV: Analyzing the Aftermath."

Let’s also not forget the domestic policy wonks who seemed to like Laura Snedeker's "Foxie Fred Thompson," which attracted readers from the U.S. Army Information Systems Center in Arizona and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Checking up on a potential new boss, perhaps?

Oh, and some of our readers in the U.S. Senate were tracking the immigration controversy through Jeff Siegel's "The Immigration Bill Sellout" and "The Republican Fallout Over Immigration," from guest blogger Frank Wooten.

But what about the folks over at the Federal Trade Commission searching for information on “bad soccer parents” and reading Caitlin Servilio's piece "The Soccer Parents Syndrome." Could they figure out a way to ban out-of-control sports parents? One could only hope.

Well, we’ll ponder that while searching for an affordable dining spot, because many of the capital’s wonks seemed to take to Molly Kenney’s piece "Even Tim Russert Likes a Cheap Eat." Just as many (or more) folks from the U.S. Senate and the State Department were reading that piece as any of the policy wonk specials. And let’s not forget all of those over at the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) who also found that piece rather tasty.

But what is always impressive is those in the bureaucracy looking for good tunes. Like the folks at the Customs Service who discovered iVoryTowerz Radio this month. Or those seemingly conservative types at the Inter-American Development Bank who turned out to read Hilary Crowe's "Concert Review: Iggy & The Stooges Hit D.C."

Our favorite musical search this month though is reserved for those at the Justice Department looking for Wall of Voodoo. Given what is going on over at Justice these days, that seems like an appropriate soundtrack.

(Photo by adactio of Brighton, England via Flickr, using a Creative Commons license.)

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