iVoryTowerz Radio: Post-Zeppelin (Borrowed & Blue)

This week, we have a program filled with discussions of musicology as we trace the riffs, chord progressions, and lyrical lifts, not just by Led Zeppelin but some contemporary bands too. As often is the case for the underground podcast, the spirit of the blues hovers, while the rockers take centerstage. And for those who are fans of the Hammer of the Gods, there's a hefty slice of the band that defined the 1970s done up in some unexpected ways.

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“Standing at the Crossroads” by Alvin Lee & Ten Years After
"Soul Kitchen" by The Doors
“On Your Side" by Madrugada
"Why Not Me" by Locksley
Jeff’s New Wave: “Between the Lines” by The Pink Fairies
"Baby Fratelli" by The Fratellis
"You Only Live Once" by The Strokes
“I'm Walkin'” by Robert Cray
“Bring It On Home” by Sonny Boy Williamson (Aleck "Rice" Miller)
“You Need Love” by Muddy Waters
Cover Me: "Rock and Roll" by Jerry Lee Lewis & Jimmy Page
"Custard Pie" by Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes
"Tall Cool One" by Robert Plant
"Daphne" by John Paul Jones
"The Disregard of Time Keeping/Say You Will" by Bonham
Rick's Metal Shoppe: “Communication Breakdown” by Led Zeppelin
"Killing Floor” by Howlin' Wolf

(Mp3 Runs - 1:28:52; 82 MB.) Program contains explicit lyrics.

(Photo of the Hindenburg disaster of 1937 from the U.S. Navy; the photo is in the public domain.)

This podcast is also posted as "From the Archives, No. 1."

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Bobby said...

Should Zeppelin have given a few writing credits on the very small overall percentage of their songs that used old blues lyrics? Yes, they should have. Did Zeppelin take their influences and create music that was original and unprecedented, completely unrecognizable from some of the sources of their inspiration? Without a doubt. This band went on to create a body of work that is totally unique and unmatched in the annals of rock. The enduring genius music of Led Zeppelin speaks for itself. This was truly rock's greatest band. Wouldn't it be nice if all the artist's that admired the blues, had created music as varied and complex and inspiring as Led Zeppelin?

Rick Rockwell said...

As a fan of Led Zeppelin, I agree with your opinion. Like you, I wish the band had not fought folks in court (and it was more than just blues artists). They should have just paid the royalty fees and given credit where credit was due. They did take music to another level, despite this stubborn stance.

However, many folks who like rock don't like Zeppelin for various reasons. Some of those views are reflected on the podcast, but in general, we are honoring the music and Zeppelin's contribution.

Mike F., Portland said...

How about if we stipulate that Led Zep was interesting musically, but its members (and managers) often behaved like arrogant jerks?

More to the point, they stood on the shoulders of giants, like everybody we admire in pop, rock and blues. Even Robert Johnson and Son House owed much to their musical forbears.

Jeff Siegel said...

Thank you, Mike, for having the guts to say what I was only thinking.

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