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As noted recently (see: “Tunes & Transparency”) every blog learns its place in the greater cosmos of the blogosphere. This blog plays tunes or discusses them for workers in state and federal offices.

Or so we thought.

But lately, our political commentary has been noticed in the halls of power. Someone is reading. We hope they are also listening.

For instance, this week, Jeff Siegel inveighed on the pet food scare and wondered why more heat wasn’t being applied to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Jeff’s piece, “How the Media Massage the Pet Food Scare” got noticed in the offices of the FDA and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). We still wonder why more hasn’t been made over how the plant in question was never inspected before this problem. Express also discovered Jeff’s piece. Express is the free daily that the Washington Post Co. distributes on mass transit in the D.C. area. But did any media executives pay attention to Jeff’s complaints about the laziness of how the media approached the story and how they focused on emotion and sensation rather than real investigation? We’ll have to wait on that one, but we won’t hold our breath.

Jeff’s pieces on the Walter Reed scandal ("Who Really Supports the Troops" and "The Walter Reed Phoney Baloney Dance") also got some notice. Various offices in the U.S. Senate read those reactions to the scandal. Folks at Southcom, the military’s command center for most of the Western hemisphere, also gave those a read.

Various offices in the U.S. Senate also were reading Laura Snedeker’s recent piece on a hold that stalled a bipartisan bill on intelligence oversight ("Show Yourself Senator Anonymous"). Last we checked though, that bill was still bottled up.

Our favorite government reader of the past month was at the Fermilab in Aurora, Illinois, where the U.S. Department of Energy experiments with particle accelerators. What were they reading while dreaming of quarks and strange matter? Well, of course Hilary Crowe’s piece “In Tune with Dischord.” Now, that’s some rockin’ particle accelerator!

Sometimes a blog just can’t shake its DNA.

(Photo by Glen Bowman of Newcastle, England via Flickr, using a Creative Commons license.)

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