Welcome Back!

After five weeks of transitions, our new writing team is in place and ready to go.

Lucky for us, there are plenty of familiar faces:

Hilary Crowe rejoins our group. Hilary is best remembered for her review of American Hardcore, among other pieces.

Caitlin Servilio also returns. Her interview with the founder of Pandora was one of our coups of 2006.

Laura Snedeker and her work will also be gracing these pages again. Her piece, “Nancy Dis-Grace” continues to be the most popular entry on this blog. Stay tuned for her scathing commentary on Iraq, among other subjects.

Also, Stephen Tringali will be contributing again. Longtime readers may recall Stephen’s piece on the Pixies, among other musical posts.

Finally, newer readers may have become familiar with our sage from the West: Jeff Siegel in Dallas. Jeff’s piece reflecting on the anti-war song “The Ballad of Penny Evans” has proved to be one of the more popular entries in the past month.

Now that this group has the green light, we hope to keep you reading, commenting, and clicking back for more well into 2007.

(Photo by mbsordilla of Flickr, using a Creative Commons license.)

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