Delurking Week

What is "Delurking Week" you ask? This is a special week devoted to those who read blogs but never comment.

So please, if you read this blog, add a message. Anything. Just a "hello" would be nice. Seriously.

Sure, this is one of those memes that run around the blogosphere. And those can be annoying. This one is different though. The internet is supposed to be about participation and interactive content. Here's your chance to prove it.

As we have written in the past (see: "Centennial Commentary") the average amount of comments can vary on a blog but the vast majority of readers never make a comment. On this blog, only about two-tenths of a percent of all readers make a comment.

This really is a message that we appreciate comments and encourage them.

And we should thank and acknowledge one of our favorite blogs (reinspire of Canada) for telling us about this special meme week. The graphic is provided by the blog paper napkin, one of the originators of the idea, although that blog is currently on hiatus through the week. Funny how things work in cyberspace.

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