Holiday Sentiments

This blog will be closed for the seasonal holidays for the next few days. Please enjoy this special time with family and friends. We wish you all the best during this wonderful time of year. To bring you our special tidings, an excerpt from a seasonal song....

"2000 Miles"

He’s gone 2000 miles.
It’s very far.
The snow is falling down.
Gets colder day by day.
I miss you.

The children will sing/
He’ll be back at Christmastime.

In these frozen and silent nights/
Sometimes in a dream you appear.
Outside under the purple sky/
Diamonds in the snow sparkle.
Our hearts were singing/
It felt like Christmastime.

(by Chrissie Hynde)

(Photo from ladyheart of morgueFile. To see Hynde performing this song with one version of The Pretenders, check below.)


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