The Office Pool: Week Seven

by Rick Rockwell

Last week proved to be one of the best outings this season for this prediction column, despite the wild rash of upsets throughout the league.

Last Week: .769

This Season: .655

Game of the Week: Panthers at Bengals

The Bengals are on the ropes. After a bye week, they still let the Buccaneers find a way off the mat to notch their first win of the season. The Bengals look shell-shocked. Receiver Steve Smith and a stout defense are the key weapons that make up the Panthers' attack. The Panthers should win this one at the buzzer.

Chargers at Chiefs

San Diego has the top offense and top defense in the American Football Conference (AFC) but the Chiefs are always tough at home, especially in divisional match-ups. The Chargers have too much talent to lose this one though.

Vikings at Seahawks

The Seahawks demonstrated last week they can win the big game, just barely. The Vikings have had some improbable finishes this year. Don't look for that to happen this time though. These teams are closely matched, but the Seahawks should win mainly due to home field advantage.

Monday Night: Giants at Cowboys

The Giants have the best talent in their division, but they have been inconsistent all year. This week it's their time to blow cold again, just as Cowboys' quarterback Drew Bledsoe looks to finally be in synch with all his bigtime receivers. Strangely, Vegas favors the Cowboys, and I agree.

Cardinals at Raiders

This is a game the Raiders could actually win. Given the choke artistry of the Cardinals, it may come down to the final minutes in this one too. But quarterback Matt Leinart has something to prove, as does the resurgent Cardinal defense. It took weeks of convincing, but I now must admit the Raiders are the worst team in football. As Bill Parcells says: records don't lie. Give this one to the Arizona crew.

Eagles at Buccaneers

Tampa Bay may be on its way back after surprising the Bengals, and the Eagles have also been inconsistent, despite quarterback Donovan McNabb's best efforts. So this one will be a tight game, but the Eagles find a way to win on the road, but likely by less than a touchdown.

Lions at Jets

With a win under their collective belts, the Lions are no longer the worst team in football (see the notes on the Raiders above). The Jets may be mediocre, but they are still on another level when compared to the Detroit kitties. Give this one to New York.

Steelers at Falcons

The Falcons love to run, but they are one-dimensional. The Steelers' defense should come up with an answer, while the Steelers' offense finally sputters to life. Quarterback Michael Vick usually makes it interesting, but this time he goes down to defeat.

Packers at Dolphins

The Packers are a poor excuse for a team but the Dolphins are in freefall. The Packers are rested after a bye week, and the Dolphins looked confused for three quarters against the Jets last week. Likely they are still scratching their heads. The Cheeseheads will triumph.

Washington at Colts

Washington may have to go to the over-rated washout list. Even if the Colts can't stop the run, when you have Peyton Manning pitching, who cares? The Colts will cruise.

Jaguars at Texans

The Jaguars are one of the top teams in the league, and would get more respect if they didn't have to play second fiddle to the Colts in AFC South. Oh, right, the Texans are in that division too: a fact the Jaguars and Colts feast upon twice a year. Jacksonville should win going away.

Patriots at Bills

The last time these teams played, the Bills almost pulled off an upset. The difference this time is the Patriots are back in the groove offensively and they are rested. The Bills just look weary. The Patriots roll onward.

Broncos at Browns

This game will be the laugher of the week. Although the Broncos are not as good on the road as at home, they are miles ahead of the rebuilding Browns.

Can you believe some teams are already talking playoffs?! It is too early for that, but the winners and losers do seem to be more apparent now. Enjoy!

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James said...

ouch, my Lions to lose? Just because they play a team with a qb from the MAC? Just because Shaun 'Big Baby' Rogers is suspended? Just because they have lost almost all their games in the last 5 years? geez, what are you going on? :)

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