iVoryTowerz began as an experiment at American University but has since evolved into an independent blog about culture and society. The topic matter ranges from politics to music to films to sports and other vital parts of the American experience. You can expect a lively review of most of the themes the writers tackle here.

Kit-Bacon Gressitt: A former political columnist and editor at the San Diego North County Times, founder and editor of a healthcare consumer magazine, and editor of a literary journal, Kit-Bacon now blogs here and on her personal website Excuse Me, I'm Writing, where you can also see samples of her fiction. She has been writing for this blog since October of 2008. Her most popular post on this blog is "Prop. 8: Protecting Marriage, Protecting Children, My Ass!"

Phil Kehres: A graduate of Case Western Reserve University with a degree in political science, Phil is from Cleveland, but he now resides in the D.C. metro area. He is a die-hard baseball fan, avid video gamer and craft beer enthusiast. Having spent time in Uzbekistan, he also maintains an interest in politics and international relations. His writing is known to include a strong dose of sarcasm. He is also one of the authors of Excuse Me, Is That Your Blog? His most popular post on this blog is "The Gamers' PHILosophy: Video Game Review, Fallout 3's Operation Anchorage Expansion."

Suzie Raven: Suzie is pursuing a graduate degree in international media at American University. She loves traveling, baseball, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and UNC basketball. She possesses an uncanny skill at Ms. Pac Man and thinks Qdoba beats Chipotle any day of the week. She has been part of the blog's writing group since February of 2008. Her most popular posting on this blog is "Angela Tincher: Softball Hero."

Rick Rockwell: Besides serving as the blog's editor, Rick also teaches journalism and communication at American University. On these pages he is known for his work on the podcasts. His most popular postings on the blog are his seasonal reviews of professional football with his commentary about the 2009 NFL divisional playoffs being his most-read posting. He's been known to take a poke at both the media and their detractors in his pieces.

Jeff Siegel: Based in Dallas, Jeff is a freelance writer who has written six books and writes magazine articles on a wide variety of subjects. He is also the wine columnist for the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram and the Advocate magazines in Dallas. He also runs the blog The Wine Curmudgeon. His most popular post on this blog is "Alcohol: Lowering the Drinking Age to 18." Jeff is also part of the team that produces this blog's podcast. Today, he takes pride in writing social and political criticism on both a local and global level.

For the graphic and visual contributors to the blog beyond those listed on each post, please check here.

To contact any of the contributors, you can write to: ivorytowerzradio@att.net.

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