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Although this blog began with a classic Rounders style, adapted for three columns, in July of 2008, the blog converted to the new Blogger format. The basic template is the Semipro II from Our Blogger Templates. However, the principle editor of the blog, Rick Rockwell reworked much of that template and customized the current design. This customization was only possible through the various design tutorials written by Amanda Fazani on her blog, Blogger Buster. The three-column footer on the blog is a direct result of this customization.

The blog's header photo is of Portugal's Belem Tower and was photographed by a couple known as McPig, via Flickr, using a Creative Commons License. However, as part of the blog design, the original photo was customized through Photoshop.

Srdjan Nikolic photographed the blog’s search icon. Nikolic, of Melbourne, Australia, provides his work through morgueFile. You can also see Nikolic's work in "The Tower View."

The iVoryTowerz Radio podcast icon comes from archartist of Urbana, Illinois and her photo of Shanghai's Pudong Tower from stock.xchng.

Clara Natoli of Rome has contributed various photographs for posts in the blog, and has become a favorite visual artist to highlight. Her latest contribution is the photo for "Even Tim Russert Likes a Cheap Eat." Also, you can see her work in: "Internet Cafe Shoutout #1;" "A Toast to the End of 2006;" "Identity Crisis;" "The American Novel: Hemingway, Fitzgerald or Salinger Wanted;" and "The Pleasures of Brain-Rotting Television." Her work was discovered through morgueFile.

Canadian blogger DarkBlack and his blog are one of this blog's required stops when it comes to finding a source for political graphics and commentary. You can find examples in the following posts: "The President's Truth;" "Power, Anonymous Sources & Boot-licking;" "Bush & Chavez in the Echo Chamber;" "Karl Rove Waves Goodbye from his Rathole;" "In the Mud with Alberto Gonzalez;" "Snow Jobbed;" "Rush Limbaugh's Ratings Ploy: The Phony Soldiers Controversy;" "Bush & Iran: Ignoring the Intelligence, Again;" "Zappadan!;" "Mike Huckabee, Texas Ranger;" "What Do You Mean, We Still Don't Have Any Nominees?" "Let's Play the Wall Street Hypocrite Game!" "Barack Obama & the Overconfident Democrats;" and "iVoryTowerz Radio: Dedications & Accusations." DarkBlack is also responsible for the Zappadan icon.

Another excellent artist who produces high-quality political graphics with a bite is AZRainman, who publishes the blog AZRainmain's Abstractions. You can find examples in the following posts: "Pakistan: Where Terror Trumps Democracy;" "Putin's Russia Pre-Election: The KGB Democracy;" "Nuclear Mail: Bush Sends a Reminder to North Korea;" "New Hampshire: Barack Obama's Latest Hope;" "The Hillary Clinton Potomac Primary Climate Check;" "Let's Play the Wall Street Hypocrite Game!" "Iran Still isn't the Soviet Union;" "Georgia: The 3 A.M. Call for Obama & McCain;" and "Hurricane Ike, Hurricane Katrina & the Cesspool of American Politics."

Since 2007, this blog has also showcased the graphics of Daniel Conover of Charleston, South Carolina. Conover is the editor of the group blog Xark!, and also that blog's illustrator. Xark! is one of the few blogs officially endorsed by iVoryTowerz. Examples of Conover's work can be found in these posts: "Who Really Supports the Troops?" "Show Yourself, Senator Anonymous;" "Politicizing the Pentagon;" "iVoryTowerz Radio: Let It All Hang Out;" and "Let's Play the Wall Street Hypocrite Game!"

A graphic artist whose political creations have a controversial bite, Comandante Agi of California is another favorite, especially for this blog's political columns. The Comandante runs several blogs: This Blog Will Self-Destruct in Five Seconds, and PIME B-Sides, his solo blogs, and the group blog, Guys from Area 51. The Comandante's work can be found in these entries: "Hillary Clinton Does Not Deserve to be President;" "Does the Left Need an O'Reilly?" "Super Tuesday & Hillary Clinton's Economic Strategy;" "Obamamania Hits Wyoming & Mississippi;" "Let's Play the Wall Street Hypocrite Game!" "Bush's Budget & Domestic Violence;" and "McCain, Obama & the Same Old Latin American Tango."

Another graphic artist who creates controversial political pieces, The Heretik, is the source of several pieces for the blog. You can see work by The Heretik in: "South Carolina Primary Preview;" "Campaign 2008: Claiming the Questionable Past to Remake the Future, Part I & Part II;" "The 2008 Baseball Season: Or, Franz Kafka Takes Batting Practice;" and "The Iraq War: Before Petraeus' Testimony, Weighing the Political & Military Realities."

Since the summer of 2007, the blog has also featured the graphics of a local artist from Washington, D.C., Mike Licht. Licht's material can be found on his blog NotionsCapital. For examples of Licht's graphic art, please see: "Justice Dogs Michael Vick and the NFL;" "iVoryTowerz Radio 64;" "Ralph Nader: Too Conventionally Reasonable;" "Dear Journalists: Stop Complaining About the 'Net;" and "iVoryTowerz Radio: Can We Get a Witness?"

One of this blog's favorite repositories of editorial cartoons and political graphics is the website radicalgraphics.org. The site offers its images free of charge to all. You can see some of the examples in these posts: "Josh Wolf & the New Coercive Environment;" "Don Imus and his Corporate Minders;" "Robert Gates: Lost in the Twilight Zone;" "Bang, Bang We're Dead;" "NBC Takes the Bait from Virginia Tech's Madman;" "Giuliani, Obama & The Politics of Fear;" "Bring It On, FCC!;" "Unplugging the War;" "The Immigration Bill Sellout," Parts I & II; "Latin America's Many Fronts in the War on Words;" "iVoryTowerz Radio: People Have the Power;" "U.S. Business: Still Shooting Itself in the Foot;" "On Wall Street, Reality is Relative;" "Blackwater & the Outsourcing of War;" "The Gallaudet Incident & Racism in America;" "Capitalism & Poverty in America;" "The Finland School Shooting: Globalizing the Glorification of Violence;" "The Iowa Caucuses: How Not to Crown the Next Emperor (or Empress);" "Media Trap: Infamy & The Latest Gun Nuts;" "Merry Christmas, Mortgage Lenders;" "iVoryTowerz Radio: Won't Get Fooled Again;" "iVoryTowerz Radio: Stand Up & Speak the Truth;" "Kenya's Lethal Crackdown;" "Imprisoning America;" "FCC v. Fox: Censorship & Television, the Next Step;" "Because the Planes Didn't Crash, it Really Didn't Matter;" "Blaming the Media for High Gas Prices, the Mortgage Crisis and the Recession;" "Privatization & Gentrification: Milton Friedman's Shock Troops;" "Destroying the Village to Save It; Same Old Logic, New Locale;" "Capitalism Begets Cannibalism?" and "Income Inequality: What the Candidates and the Media Won’t Talk About."

Another general repository of copyright-free work with a political edge can be found at StrangePolitics. For examples of the graphics and photos from this site, please see: "Did Barack Obama Get the SNL Endorsement?" "Iowa: Stopping Hillary Clinton's Juggernaut;" "The Reversal of a Jihadist;" "The Wisconsin Primary* & Barack Obama;"
"Let's Play the Wall Street Hypocrite Game!" "China, Capitalism & the Olympics: My White House Daymare;" and "Barack Obama & the Democratic Endgame." Also affiliated with that site, StrangeSports provided the graphic for "Barry Bonds and the Inevitable."

Since the spring of 2008, the blog has featured political graphics from a repository that calls itself Wrapped-in-the-Flag, which offers copyright-free graphics. Examples can be found in these posts: "The Bush Recession: Spending is the Solution?" "George Bush Even Alienates People Who Like Him;" "Barack Obama: Why the Carolinas Mean WV Doesn’t Matter;" and "When is a Recession Not a Recession? When We’re Too Wonderful to Have One."

Another favorite repository of political graphics can be found at the Project for the Old American Century, which is run by T.J. Templeton. The Project for the Old American Century retains the copyright to its work, but allows use of its material with the appropriate credit. Since December of 2007, this blog has used material from the project in the following posts: "Saying ‘No’ to Bush & Abstinence Education;" "Telecom Immunity & Surveillance: Silence Confers Consent;" "The Iraq War Retrospective;" and "Abraham Lincoln & the Republicans on Labor Day."

We thank them all for sharing their creative work.

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